“Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut?” (Southern Quebec Inuit Health Survey) website launched!

Visit the new website for Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut? (“How are those in the south?” Southern Quebec Inuit Health Survey) for more information on the project!

The Qanuikkat Siqinirmiut? ᖃᓄᐃᒃᑲᑦ ᓯᕿᓂᕐᒥᐅᑦ (“How are those in the south?” Southern Quebec Inuit Health Survey) recently launched their website and Facebook page. Partnering with Inuit organizations, including the Southern Quebec Inuit Association, Professors Chris Fletcher (Université Laval) and Riva are part of this community-based participatory research project that seeks to build a knowledge base that will support the development of Inuit-specific services in southern Quebec.

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McGill IHSP Housing, Health, and Policy Conference 2019 encourages cross-sectoral collaboration

Dr. Riva presenting her work: “Research and Public Health Action on Housing in Indigenous Communities.”

On May 23-24, 2019, the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) hosted its annual conference with the topic “Housing, Health, and Policy” at the McGill Faculty Club. Co-chaired by Dr. Riva and Dr. James R. Dunn (McMaster University), the conference brought together students, academics, researchers, service providers, policymakers, and important stakeholders from various backgrounds, and encouraged cross-sectoral collaboration to equitably and holistically tackle Canada’s housing challenges. Click “continue reading” below for more information and pictures.

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Charles-Olivier Simard and Ella Myette receive SSHRC funding

Congratulations to two lab members for receiving funding awards from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Charles-Olivier Simard, a PhD student in Demography at Université de Montréal who is co-supervised by Dr. Riva, won the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship for the next three years; while Ella Myette, an incoming Master’s student in Geography at McGill University supervised by Dr. Riva, won the Master’s Program Scholarship.

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New research assesses climate change vulnerability in the Arctic using Multiplex System Network analysis

Post-doctoral researcher and lab member Nathan Debortoli recently published new research into climate change vulnerability in the Arctic in Environmental Research Letters. Applying Multiplex System Network analysis to this topic for the first time, the study uses literature review to detect and collect environmental-physical and socioeconomic variables to quantitatively understand their weight and distribution within a system network dynamic for Inuit in Canada.

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