Energy and Health

Research projects under this theme relate to understanding how community conditions, such as levels of deprivation and inequality, urban-rural location, housing conditions, and social cohesion, influence peoples’ health and well-being.

MinErAL Partnership: Mining Activities, Health and Well-Being in Indigenous Communities

The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the direct and indirect impacts of mining activities on Indigenous Peoples and communities’ health and well-being, their cumulative impacts over time, and their integration in Impacts Assessments. The specific focus is on Health Impact Assessments (HIA), which pay attention to health and changes in the social-ecological determinants of health.

By conducting a scoping review of the scientific literature on Indigenous conceptualizations of health and well-being and associated social-ecological determinants, we will develop a conceptual framework of the direct and indirect influence of mining activities. This framework will guide a critical discourse analysis of the representations and considerations of Indigenous Peoples’ and communities’ health and well-being meanings, experiences, and priorities in Environmental Impact Assessments, Social Impact Assessments, and HIAs of mining projects.

A case study analysis of the process of HIA in, or by, Indigenous communities will guide the realization of HIA in collaboration with community members and stakeholders in two to three Indigenous communities in northern Canada, Australia, and Sweden. The main deliverable of this project will be a guide to assist Indigenous communities and organizations in conducting HIA.

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