Join us this Wednesday for a Presentation on Energy Poverty in Canada by Professor Riva

This Wednesday, February 24, Dr. Mylene Riva will be giving a presentation for the Expert Community on Housing (ECOH) from 1:00-2:00 PM.


Is Energy Poverty a Public Health Problem in Canada?

In Canada, some 8% to 20% of households are experiencing energy poverty. This happens when a household experiences inadequate levels of essential energy services in the home, such as those required for heating, cooling, lighting and cooking. Building on previous work on the topic and using data from Canadian surveys, including from the 2018 Canadian Housing Survey, this presentation aims to position energy poverty as a social determinant of health for Canadians.


The talk is open to all members of the ECOH community of practice, described here:

The Expert Community on Housing (ECOH) is a virtual community of practice. The Community was created to share housing knowledge and to contribute to the development of housing solutions. Individuals with a wide range of experience in housing or related fields can join the conversation and contribute.


We discuss, connect, and work together on a variety of issues and topics across the housing spectrum. The main areas of focus are related to key National Housing Strategy priority areas and groups.

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