Congratulations to Charlotte for finishing her Master’s degree in Public Health!

Former lab member Charlotte Brandstrup Hansen successfully defended her Master's thesis entitled "The Effects of Housing Conditions on Health among the Inuit in Greenland" just last week. Charlotte spent 4 months at McGill University earlier this year as a visiting MPH student. Dr. Riva, one of her co-supervisors, was in Copenhagen for the International Congress of Circumpolar Health, allowing her to attend Charlotte's defence in person.

Charlotte celebrating her successful thesis defence!

"Thanks to Prof. Mylène Riva for giving me the opportunity to work on my thesis at McGill University in Montreal for four months. Thank you for taking the time to supervise and teach me, for giving me an office space and for including me in your research group. Thanks to all the great people in Montreal who made my stay amazing. A special thanks go to the research assistants, PhD students, master's students, etc. at Mylène Riva's research group for welcoming me and for taking the time to discuss my work.

This thesis is a result of a collaboration with The Centre of Public Health in Greenland at the National Institute of Public Health in Denmark. Therefore, I would like to thank the Centre for providing data for this thesis and Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen for supervising me not only through this thesis and for providing a work space for me in Copenhagen, but for being my professional mentor since we first met in 2015, during my internship at the Centre."

– Charlotte Brandstrup Hansen

Charlotte and her co-supervisors, Christina V. L. Larsen (University of Southern Denmark) and Mylène Riva, right after her thesis defence.

Congratulations Charlotte, and best of luck for the future!